Meet Mystical Pop Artist Angelicque' aka @TheLocaArtist

Livin' like a LOCA!

Meet the Mystical Pop Artist behind the "EYE" conic “Be Loca : Bhu Loka” Collection.

(Angelicque' & Lil Trixie)

Learning the Art of Transformation,
Healing, Forgiveness & Love.

Welcome to my artist site! My name is Angelicque’ and I am a mother to two grown sons, Skylar and Cody, now grandmother to two beautiful girls, Violet & Daisy, The love inside me stops at nothing through some of life’s craziest experiences, we have made it through as a family.  Somedays feel like we are starting to Care at all and other times I feel like I just want to LET GO and pretend I don’t care at 🥕 all.  

Life can be a little Loca or Crazy at times.  But the real question is “To be or Not to be Loca?”  That is the question we all must answer from time to time. Learning to master your reactions to others emotional abuse or bullying is not an easy task to master, ask anyone in my family, some days we can communicate and other days it feels like haterade! 🤷‍♀️🤪 (I still can’t figure out whyy my sons call me BRO? Does anyone else’s son call them a BRO?) communicating is not always understandable in our “family” (is it in yours?). 

I began my EYEconic art journey drawing homemade art cards every week as a way of communicating inspirational messages with my oldest son Skylar, while he was away, aka incarcerated. I was Looking for ways to keep him focused on his own artistic talents, his inner strength and his future, Art became a powerful language between myself and my son, in communicating what words could never convey. 

Your Honor by Mystical Pop Artist Angelicque'

I Am a self-taught visionary artist, living in the United States.  I was Born in Lancaster, CA to teen parents, and I am the oldest of 3 siblings.  My parents divorced when I was 2, and my father and my grandparents raised me.  After graduating high school, at 19, I gave birth to my first miracle, my son Skylar.  I married his Father at 23, and I gave birth to my second miracle, my son Cody that same year. 

(Me with my two Miracles/son's Cody & Skylar)

My passion for drawing led to an “awakening”, and a clear understanding of the root causes of the suffering I was enduring during some very tough years as a family and indivually, we all went through storms of emotions.  Change can be discovered when we challenge our life patterns, beliefs and limiting thought patterns that hold us back.  I discovered how energy, chi and “ki” are real, and how powerful our mind truly is and that change is possible in all of us, but what is important is our “willingness” to change, by mastering thoughts and mental patterns, which ultimately guide our actions.

 Anaheim Gardenwalk Mural by Angelicque'

I love cartoons!! Disney & Dr Seuss books were my favorite as a kid, and the tv show CHIPS ⭐️ (even as a lil girl I had a crush on those hot chips!)

I am an entrepreneur by heART, I have tried my hand at many businesses from Retail to Plumbing HVAC/Home Contracting, to Marketing and PR helping others build their dreams.  My true passion is as an artist and being creative! I am Inspired by Andy Warhol & bright  90’s Miami Vice Colors and Neon Pop Art.  

My art style is a bold expression of energetic eye catching colors that exude a positive energy inviting you to explore your own third eye/mind's eye and your own inner truth.  I love to paint “eye-conic” designs that are reminders to practice soulful living in your own creative expression. I sign everything Be Loca or Bhu Loka! 
Did you know?  Be LOCA means “Crazy” in Spanish and Bhu LOKA means the matter of Earth, which we can all agree it gets a little crazy some days on earth. Loca also means Level of Conscious Awareness, words and dialect can be perceived from so many various levels of understanding or Conscious awareness. 

Mystical Pop Art, a new art genre inspired by Angelicque' is a conscious expression and style of art based on simple, colorful and bold images that represent the conscious and awakened spirit and modern culture of life. 

Imagine, Dream, Believe and Follow your heart, and always give glory to god! Alhamdulillah, never let anyone tell you your dreams are too Loca!

Love, Angelicque'

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