What came First? The Woman or The Egg? MIKODAM + Angelicque'

The Woman & The Egg are the front lines of Humanity. The Woman was created from the "rib" of man and The Egg is considered the starting point of most life forms, but what came first
It's no secret that women have been cursed with a lifetime of challenges to overcome since the beginning of time, which might make Woman the first real architect of society.  Known as "the source of life", she bears the seed of life and the egg of creation for humanity, and within every woman is a unique power, the power to Create, Nurture & Transform a new form of life. 
A new spirit of life is currently being amplified in women around the world fearlessly transforming themselves, and their surroundings.  The spirit of women empowering women, to be the architects of change in humanity and their own life, creating a more conscious, caring & compassionate world in which we live. 
Women offer a new perspective to the world, balancing unique form and function of life while empowering, exploring and embracing the playful, colorful qualities of femininity. 
Turn your space into an empowering place to make your dreams come true through design.  Taking its inspiration from the egg, The Yuko chair by Mikodam provides comfort as well as an atmosphere sheltered from external effects in living spaces.  Transform your interiors in the blink of an eye and surround yourself with designs that are unique and personalized, like you.  


Mikodam is an architectural products and furniture brand, offering unique, stylish, high quality designs for sophisticated interiors.  Mikodam offers a brand new solution to interiors and acoustics with its exclusive line of unique eye catching wall cladding's.


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