She's Got Those "Vibes that Make You Come Alive!"

I cant help but share the amazing energy coming from Skye on the Town in Fayetteville Arkansas.  First let me say, I absolutely LOVE ❤️ getting photos from clients after they have found the perfect place for the perfect piece of art that reflects their personality.  

It's a new year and the saying 'out with the old energy and in with the new inner Chi' couldn't be more relevant when it comes to the space in your home or office.  Creating an energizing space with positive vibes that make you come alive can help increase your inner Chi and overall health.  Our Chi is essential energy, however it is experienced through our senses, color, form, sound, touch, temperature, and scent all are felt as Chi.

Interior design and Feng shui is all about feeling connected to your space. When you decorate with eye-catching colors and designs you are able to create a stylish space that is will bring out your personality without you saying a word.

My client in Fayetteville, Arkansas found the perfect place for her new 24" x 36" gallery canvas print of Leo the RastafarEye Lion, she incorporated it into her new spring section in her women's boutique.  Thank you @Skye_Style for sharing the Fun Shui and the "Vibes that make you Come Alive!"

P.S. Don't Forget to Make today EYE-conic!

Skye on the Town | RastafarEYE Lion by Angelicque'

(Photo courtesy of @tsgnwarkansas) 


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