All you got to do is "Express Yourself" - A Special Thank You!

"All you got to do is... ExpressYourself" (and say THANK YOU!)

I wanted to give a special Thank you to everyone who made it out for Hispanic Heritage Month in September to view my new collection the "Ancient EYEcons" and my new "EYEconic Latinos" painting in honor of an iconic woman from Bakersfield, Dolores Huerta. 

September was a special month for me as it was my first time entering an art competition. Thanks to my friend Wendy Armijo, who pushed me to "try" and encouraged me by purchasing me the supplies I needed to start, so I had NO EXCUSES.   It seems the older we get the harder it is to try doing something NEW and for the first time, it can be a little overwhelming, as a new artist, not only was it my first time entering a art competition, it was my first time doing a painting larger than a piece of paper.  Even though the fear was real, I kept telling myself "every artist was once an amateur" so... I did it!!! I entered my first art competition in Bakersfield at Metro Galleries, called Latination9. 

My new painting called "EYEconic Latinos" I dedicated to Dolores and her friend Carlos Santana in honor of her new movie 🎥 called "Dolores" that debuted in September as well.  I want to Congratulate you Dolores, on your years of tireless work you have done in dedicating your life to a cause and being an advocate for so many.  Your new movie, "Dolores" is a must watch for any woman wanting  to use her life to make a difference in the world.  After watching your movie, your life and your message has inspired me to do more of what I can from where I stand to make a difference with my life! SI SE PUEDE!! I dedicate my first painting to you and your organization, the Dolores Huerta Foundation.  May god continue to bless you and your family! You are truly an EYEconic woman!

Thank you again to everyone, and a special thank you to Jensen Communications for the Carlos Santana Greatest Hits LIVE tickets in Las Vegas for my contest! My art exhibition at The Padre Hotel has been extended and will be on display through the holidays in the Farmacy Cafe! (PS. You must try the horchatta latte)

Thank you again Padre Hotel!!


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