The “P S Y C H ♥️” Path of Life by Angelicque’

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The P S Y C H ♥️ Path 

The PSYCH♥️ Path: The ART of mastering emotional intelligence.

What is a WORD?  

Words are descriptive tools to help ARTiculate and communicate with others.  There are so many “words” and names that people can choose to use, and describe others as.  When people try to use their words to hurt, do you let their hate penetrate or can you turn others hate into something to appreciate? 

Througout my life my whole family refers to the women in our familia as “crazy”, “You know how your Crazy Aunt is”, or “you’re acting just like your crazy mother??” The funniest part is they never even knew her but yet they made sure she was always called crazy… (That one always seemed to get my GOAT 🐐 reaction when they wanted a response 😂…til now) 

I realize now that when people project ugly emotions and opinions onto others they are truly not happy themselves.  (Or they have an agenda with that person usually in exchange for $$$ monetary gains)  

When you are truly happy in life, you know who you are, who you’ve become, and most importantly who you can be in all sorts of life situations and you aren’t bothered by what others “think” of you, what matters most is what you think of you, your the one who lives with yourself your whole life.

The truth is, the Art of Emotional mastery takes lots of practice and lots of patience in accepting that your feelings and mental health mean more than what others think about you.  

Life is about learning to love yourself through all of the crazy energies, changes and challenges.  Learning to accept the magical process of trusting in yourself and what you feel, not fear. 

Learn to be the “guard of your own inner CHI“ aka life force because your the only one who truly lives in the heaven or hell energy you allow to occupy your thoughts.

Here is a great example of The Emotional Guidance Scale: Higher Vibration Emotions vs LowerVibrational Emotions, which create the energies you feel when encountering life. These range from joy, appreciation, freedom, love and empowerment (the highest) to fear, despair, desperation, grief, and powerlessness (the lowest).


The next time someone tries to PSYCH♥️ Analyze you,  don’t be bothered if the psycho analyzer can’t understand you, The real truth is they can’t even comprehend themselves, let alone you. 

Love ❤️, Angelicque’ 

To be or Not to Be PSYCH⭐️? That is the question…


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