Make Today EYEconic with "The ART of Communication" at The Latest Thing

 Learning "The ART of Communication"

Spring represents nature's time for new beginnings, and continuous cycles of rebirth and renewal in nature. Just like in nature, we too are constantly in a cycle of change.  This change can feel like chaos at times and can be one of the hardest challenges we face in our daily life.
There is not a person on earth who will not experience life's struggles, hardships, and pain in their life, but how we choose to experience change is a decision we ourselves can make. It has been said through our deepest pains in life that we will find our true strength, courage and power to change.

Life has a way of teaching us, through our own experiences and unfortunately no one is exempt from learning the lessons of life. but what is important is our "willingness" to learn, and to do better for ourselves and others.  We have all heard the saying "when the student is ready the teacher will come", and we are all blessed to have many teachers throughout our life.

Teachers come in many forms, they are the known masters that have seeded humanity throughout history sharing their life lessons and knowledge, so that we may get a glimpse of enlightenment.  But they also come disguised as relationships with our family, friends and loved ones or disguised as our own emotional and financial failures, (which we seem to be so eager to blame on someone else). But the truth is when we blame others we give up our Power to change, and the truth is we can only change ourselves.

Make this the year you hit the reset button in your own life and make a conscious decision to LEGO and stop making the same excuses that hold you back in life and start making the positive changes to live a better life.

I am finally learning the power of change through the the art of healing, forgiveness and by learning to love myself and others more authentically on a day to day basis.

I started over last year to grow my talents as an artist and my new designs are a colorful energetic collection to invite you to tune into your own Minds Eye/Third Eye, and explore your own inner strengths and truths. It is through our darkness we can find light, through our fears we can find strength and learn to love, and through this process we can find our power. The power to change is in all of us!

I am excited to announce my first line of EYEconic Art cards cards that are now available at the The Latest Thing in Newport Beach.

The Latest Thing is a 12 Step Recovery Bookstore and Gift Shop that offers offers more than just recovery merchandise, it has a wide variety of inspirational gifts, creative award winning gift baskets, self-help and metaphysical books on meditation and spiritual tools for everyone.

If you or someone you know is battling the chaos of change and recovery in their life, practice the Art of giving and the Joy of receiving a handwritten message from the heART.  Practicing "The Art of Communication", can make a huge impact on someone's life.  So open your heart and send some love, let someone know they made an impact in your life.  Use your words to inspire someone to believe in their dreams, and make someone's day EYEconic!

Lego and Let god.
Have a blessed day!
Love, Angelicque'

The Latest Thing
1576 Newport Blvd,
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


My oldest son Skylar and myself
(He is the inspiration behind my new EYEconic Art Cards Collection)






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