The BAT 🦇ty Louboutin by Angelicque'

F I N E  A R T | Original Paintings

T H E  B A T T Y 🦇 L O U B O U T I N
by Mystical Pop Artist Angelicque'
He called her “Bat Shit Crazy” in Despise 🤷‍♀️…Be Loca!
It seems No matter what you do in this life… someone is judging you as crazy.  If your too happy, they call you crazy, if you are emotionally upset, they call you crazy, if your heels are too high, they call your crazy… if you drive a different car, they call you crazy or in some cases “BAT shit crazy” 😳🤪🥰🤣.
Language is like Beauty and depends on how it is seen or heard by the beholder.  BATTY: can also mean creatively "Eccentric", and I don't know anyone who isn't a little batty about something in their life.  

PS. Don’t let the words or opinions of others interrupt your peace. Practice turning others hate into something to appreciate! 👁💋 Namaste’ BATty 😉🦇💋

I look forward to sharing the BAT🦇y story behind this piece one day!
(Monique Marconi & Angelicque' with The Real BATMobile)

If you are a Batman fan you can see 👁 the Real BatMobile on display at the Marconi Museum in Tustin, along with many other iconic automobiles, race cars and motorcycles, stop by for a tour and be sure to say Hi to Monique. Monique also chairs a first ever group of Women driven Cars and Coffee events, women who love high "Heels & Wheels".
And for all the Batty's looking for something really sure to check out all the hottest styles from Christian Louboutin. I just Love all the Fun Artistic Communication Christian puts into his designs and his branding, from his iconic red bottom shoes, to his beauty line designs.  I was blessed to meet Christian in person at a Dita Von Tease event many years ago, and I want to say Thank you for being such an amazing designer and soul, sharing your creativity with the world and inspiring so many to share their creative gifts with the world!

(Angelicque’ & Christian at a LIVE Dita Von Tease show  👠🧿💋) 

The “BATty Louboutin” by Angelicque’
(24”x36”x1.5” | Acrylic on Canvas | One of a Kind)
For information on owning this One of a Kind Painting by Angelicque',
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