The Art of LEGO ~ Making a Difference, One Carat at a time

Did you know? All diamonds are imperfect, and every diamond is unique, just like you and me.

A diamond starts off as a solidified piece of nature, and through the pressures it endures it forms blemishes and inclusions aka “internal characteristics”. It is the internal characteristics and blemishes that actually cause the cuts and clarity in a diamonds unique character.

Cut and clarity are one of the most important facets of a diamond. The Cut in a diamond creates the shine and fire, also known as the sparkle. A poor cut diamond without clarity can appear smaller, dull and lifeless, often due to being cut deeper.  (Kinda like when we are stuck in our own life, suck in fear, pain/depression and lower vibrations of self hate/self denial in our own #innerChi.) Clarity is learning to be conflict free, to see and forgive the mistakes made in our life, from ourselves and others.  Clarity comes from letting go, forgiving and healing what we see as imperfections on the surface and internally.

The size and weight of a diamond are most often misunderstood, especially when comparing one diamond to another.  The term “Carat” refers to a total weight and not just its size.  Diamonds come in 3 sizes…. “shallow, ideal and deep” and come in 11 grades, from flawless to blemishes that can be seen with the naked eye. The diameter, cut and clarity on a diamond can cause the Carat to appear LARGER, making it a rare find.  (Maybe this is why we are all about the size of our Carats!)  When the trials, tribulations, and pressures of life feel like they are weighing you down, remember you are a diamond in the ruff, and you have the power to make a difference in life.

This last year for me has been all about learning the Art of Letting Go and to be grateful for even the smallest things in my life, like a lego.  I met a young man named Micah a little over a year ago, through my neighbor who also volunteers his time and efforts to helping Micah's charity.  Having two sons myself, I was instantly inspired by him and his efforts at such a young age, to make a difference using what he had, his toys.  It is truly amazing watching him grow his network of kids helping kids all over the world.  I never realized I would learn so much (especially at my age) from a boy and his Lego. You are a real Diamond Micah, keep making a difference in the world, one lego at a time.

We have a limited amount of these hand crafted rare #conflictfree “Blue Azul Princess Cut One-Carat ring” available for a donation. 100% of the proceeds go directly to benefit Micah’s organization @PlayWellAfrica.

Not only will you have the BIGGEST One Carat ring money can buy, your donation will also help kids all over the world learn important fine motor skills like, using their imagination, inspiring learning, enhancing creativity, puzzle solving, building and engineering skills, colors, counting, and cooperative play, just to name a few.  You can also help by getting involved or donating new and unused lego directly to Play Well Africa.

Wanna know more? Inbox me. #shinebright #KnowyourDiamondAnatomy #radiate #donthate #playwell #conflictfree #rare #onecarat #lego #diamondring #makeadifference @playwellafrica #playwellearth


More Fun & Funky Princess Cut One Carats, available in various colors.


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