“Succulents🌵 of Nature”

F I N E  A R T | Original Paintings by Angelicque'

Succulents of Nature by Angelicque'

(Set of 3 | Originals | Acrylic on Canvas)

I recently returned from a magical trip to Tulum, Mx. where I got the opportunity to explore various areas of the jungle and some of the most magical properties that have been transformed into a space that makes you say WOW no matter which way you turn on the property.   This collection is inspired by my personal journey of learning to love thy self and all the succulents life brings forth at the most mystical encounters in time.

“Succulents of Nature” 🌵🍑🧿 Trinity by Angelicque’ 

In botany, succulent 🌵plants, also known as succulents, or “Cact-EYE” 🧿are plants with parts that are thickened, fleshy 🍑, and engorged, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. The word succulent comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning "juice" or “succulence”.

In real life, I’ve been making it my duty to healTHY booty 🍑! The human body is “alive” with succulence, healing powers and transforming possibilities.
"Succulent Booty" by Angelicque'
Invest time in learning to love your body… more, it’s truly the only space you are always living in: your self and your health are the ultimate form of natures wealth.  Loving your vassal is part of the journey in life.  Have you ever noticed we are taught to be "embarrased' to be in a towel in public in front of strangers but yet we will get in a bikini by the pool or beach.
"Succulent Magic Garden" by Angelicque'
"Succulent Magic Garden"
by Angelicque'

This new series is signed "BHU LOKA" and is inspired by the rare succulent energy connecting us to earth in nature. There is a real magical energy grounding our connection to people and earth, also called the realm of  "Bhu Loka".  Most of the times we get trapped in the stress and chaos of Bhu Loka and need to take a minute to reset the mind, body and soul in the healing care of nature.

"Succulent Body" by Angelicque'
"Succulent Body" by Angelicque'

PS. When was the last time you sat barefoot or bare bottoms, connected to The Magic✨ in Mother Nature.

"Succulents of Nature" by Angelicque'
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