Rosa Negra BuCranium by Angelicque'

F I N E  A R T | Original Paintings by Angelicque'

Hi! I was blessed by God to travel to Tulum twice ✌🏻this month. It is crazy where you can end up when you least expect it. I am learning to let go of what i expect my life to look like and enjoy the Magical ✨ experiences as they unfold before me in real life! I am Forever Grateful and Inspired by Turquoise Petit Hotel and Rosa Negra Group, Mx. Thank you for making my stay in Tulum truly feel like my home away from home, your hospitality made me feel like family.

Turqouise Petit Hotel Tulum + Angelicque'

This latest collection I painted called “Rosa Negra BuCranium” is inspired by my time exploring Tulum, the color turquoise, and the black rose aka Rosa Negra. Traveling to Tulum and exploring the Mayan culture, all the nature inspired art and architecture reconnected me to the creative spirit of earth that runs through us all. Creative Expression Is a gift from god, and we are just the vassals.
"Rosa Negra BuCranium" Triptych by Angelicque'

Bulls and Cows ☠️ are symbols of sustainers of life force energy, they are symbols of “The Mother” and Mother Nature.  They are even generous with their life force energy (milk), taking care of many species from birth with their vital life force.
The skull of the bull/cow is celebrated, decorated and displayed on walls/temples as a symbol of life long protection from all natural elements & protecting the NEW Beginnings 🙌🏼 happening in your life. Nature is everything we are surrounded by: the water, the air, the sun, the birds, the moon, the sky and you and earth.

(Floating in the Turquoise Waters at Casa TORTUGA Cenotes in TULUM) 
Thank you Turquoise, Tortuga’s & Tulum!

PS. Trust the timing of your life. ❤️💋
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