R U K A R by Angelicque'

R U K A R - Rise Up. Kick Ass. Repeat.

I hope you enjoy my latest video of a commissioned painting I got to do for a dear friend who has been going through his own recovery from alcohol the last few years. I feel honored to have been able to collaborate on his concept of R U K A R.

This piece is especially meaningful because my oldest son has also been in recovery from drugs the last two years and learning how to take back his power in his own life. Addiction is a word that runs deep for most of us, some addictions are legal and some illegal, and unfortunately we all battle with them.

Addictions can be mental, physical, psychological, greed, drug/alcohol/sex, you name it, addictions are real, and when they take hold of you it can feel like a constant loop of insanity, repeating in cycles in your life.

We must all learn our own creative ways to break our own cycles of behavior that hold us back from living our best life. It's a daily discipline to heal your mind, one day at a time, RUKAR - RiseUp, Kick Ass, Repeat. (Song by Coccolini Deep - "Don't forget to Fly") #RUKAR #justdoit #breakthecycle #whateverittakes #healyourmind #onedayatatime #pheonix #flysohigh #laughsohard #nothinggonnastopmenow #riseup #kickass #repeat #yogi #yoga #mindset #recovery #healthyself #12steps #AA #angelicque #thelocaartist 

Just Do It!
Whatever It Takes.



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