MISSING ORIGINAL ART! Last Seen on exhibit @Laguna Beach Starbucks

M I S S I N G   O R I G I N A L   A R T

MISSING ART: You know sometimes life really @hertz 😩 and we have to dig deep inside ourselves to learn how to overcome and let go of the various frustrations, setbacks and confusions that meet us along our path in life.

Since starting my journey as an artist I have put my heart ❤️ and soul into each artistic concept and piece I have designed. My new collection of #handpainted “Art of Espresso” cups are extraordinarily special to me for various reasons, each cup is a #oneofakind that features one my original design concepts and I preserved the original @starbucks logo in each eye, so you can imagine… It really broke my heart 💔to learn that not one, but TWO ✌🏻of my original hand-painted cups have gone missing while being showcased for a special exhibition at @lagunabeachstarbucks (ironically they took my first cup I ever designed 🧐 “The EYE Opener” and my “Unicorn 🦄 Dreams” cup).

I would like to say #THANKYOU to the @lagunabeachpd for taking this missing art case seriously, it has been a confusing and unusual situation. I have spent the last few months sorting through many emotions regarding the whole situation. I recently got approval from Starbucks corporate to start a “#MISSINGCUPS” poster/campaign to help bring awareness to my missing one of a kind art pieces, so if you are in Laguna this summer for the @pageantofthemasters @lagunaartafair or just for some fun in the sun, please keep your eye out!

In trying to turn a negative situation into a positive one, I am turning my loss into your W I N! & I would also like to ask for your help, Could you help me? How can you help? By being ROYAL & AWESOME and entering to W I N! Although I don’t have the funds to offer a cash #reward at the moment, I have partnered with some #fun and #unique products to G I V E A W A Y.

I can’t wait to share some summer fun in the sun with you, so stay tuned for some “Magical Monday” #giveaways! I hope you will join me, play along and ETW or tag a friend in my upcoming giveaways to help to share my missing “Art of #Espresso” cups, in hopes someone might have information one day pertaining to their whereabouts. Thank you for your help and support! #loveangelicque

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these art pieces,
please contact:
Laguna Beach Police Department
Detective Joy Butterfield | Ph: (949) 497-0373
Can you help? Please Share &
Keep an EYE out for these original art cups that are now M I S S I N G. :-(

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