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F I N E  A R T | Original Paintings by Angelicque'
by Angelicque'
I spent the last few months living on the edge, where the Surf meets the Turf in the magical lil beach town of Laguna.  Did you know Laguna Beach is the original artist colony in America?  This little town has also been a huge inspiration for me as an artist, it is where My first collection “THE ANCIENT EYE-CONS” where featured for a year at Starbucks and where we hosted the first Art of Espresso at the Boys and Girls Clubs in Laguna.
During my time in Laguna I have met so many great personalities, and learn more about the people in Laguna, including Michael, Laguna’s current greeter, who dances and spins on the corner in his flashy outfit’s and wild captains hats, 
Do you know about THE GREETERS custom of Laguna? Starting with Eiler Larsen and the public art statue on the corner across from Jack in the Box (my favorite place to get breakfast in Laguna!)
The Greeter has become a cultural icon for the laguna tourists in the beach town and Michael is no exception.  His bold personality is available dancing, waving, spinning and greeting guests with a wave and a smile saying “HEY… YOU IN THERE” on the corners including the Main Beach & Broadway.  

(My Posse’s on Broadway and Main Beach 🎭)

Are You aware there is also the iconic ARK resembling the wooden ship 🚢 from the Bible named THE ARK in Laguna???  Here is a link to this Real Estate Gem hiding shipwrecked inside a custom built home in Laguna, that was a Fun find! There is even two gates to exit one for plants and one for animals. 

Ironically Arc Angel Michael of the biblical story is the “heavenly host”, the Patron Chief, the great captain of the “Angels” / Life Guard. 

After walking the shores of Laguna and finding THE ARK and MICHAEL “Greeting” in the same town with the Life Guard tower…I was inspired to paint this new piece called:


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