LIVIN on the EDGE in Laguna by Angelicque’

F I N E  A R T | Original Paintings by Angelicque'

L I V I N G on the E D G E

New Laguna Beach Inspired Collection by Mystical POP Artist Angelicque’ 
"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."~Albert Einstein

Sometimes forced changes in life can push you right to the EDGE! Although it feels scary and uncertain when we are forced into sudden changes it truly is a gift from god, moving us forward, into a new direction, with new scenery, new adventures, new friends and new things.
The course of Life is similar to The game of Golf ⛳️, you must play the ball from where it lands, and this last month my ball landed at the Waters Edge, where the surf meets the Turf in Laguna Beach. I spent my day’s relaxing, daydreaming and creating on the balcony overlooking the waters edge. 
Life is just better by the beach. There is something magical about LIVIN on the EDGE, learning to live happily in the moment, listening to the sounds of nature and the waves 🌊 crashing outside your window, walking through town, breathing fresh air, watching the dolphins, whales and surfers play in the water, soaking up the ☀️ sunshine and feeling the sand between your toes.   

PS. Next time life leaves you feeling like it’s pushing you to the edge, remember perception is key to how you see 👁️.. a change in scenery may be just what you need! 

♥️ Love Angelicque’
PS Did you know??? 
The Native Orca Symbol or Killer Whale symbolizes family, romance, longevity, harmony, travel, community and protection.  The orca is also a symbol of healing and longevity, and they are known as the guardians 🔱 of the SEA 🌊.
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 T H E  K I L L E R  W H A L E by Angelicque’ 
(4”x 4”x 1” | Original Acrylic on Canvas)

 H E A R T 💚 L E A F S by the S E A
by Angelicque’ 
(4”x 4”x 1” | Original Acrylic on Canvas)


LIVIN on the EDGE Trucker Hat
by Angelicque’ 
(Pacific Edge California Trucker Hat | hand painted)


L I V I N on the E D G E Beach Bag
by Angelicque’ 
(Canvas Beach Bag | Handpainted | One of a Kind

E Y E C O N I C Fanny Pack
by Angelicque’ 
(Fanny Pack | Handpainted | One of a Kind

L I V I N on the E D G E Collection 
by Angelicque’ 

Thank You Pacific Edge for the hospitality and for making new memories, my heART is forever grateful! ♥️ Angelicque’ 

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