Life can Be Loca and doesn't always go as planned...

Life can Be Loca and doesn't always go as planned,
sometimes it turns out better.

A little over a year ago, in what felt like some of my darkest hours, I was looking for a creative way to brighten my oldest sons day, while he was away incarcerated/jail (although I liked to pretend he was away in Yale) 😑. (If you have ever experienced having a child/loved one in jail or battling addictions you can probably agree with me, it is NOT a fun time in life!) I was living in a constant state of anxiety and uncertainty, I couldn't see from this space or place in my life what the future held for him or me. And I definitely couldn't see that I was going to start over to become an artist. But sometimes God turns our deepest pains into our biggest blessings (even though we can't see them at the time).

EYEconic Art Cards by Angelicque'
(To Sky, "Mystical Shaman Goddess" Handmade with Love, Love Mom)

Art became a unique way of communication from the heART between my son and I. Weekly I would send homemade art cards to him in jail (made with love from mom) and he would send me hand drawn handkerchiefs (He is an amazing artist).

Skylar Pines
(How amazing is this Mother's Day hand drawn handkerchiefs,
custom by Skylar, aka my Baby Dali)

I am happy to share that my son has been out of jail and in a program called Whatever it Takes for the last year, he is clean and sober and putting in the time, work and dedication to changing his life. (And I also want to thank the many amazing friends who have helped inspire and encourage me to pursue my passion as an artist this last year!)

Skylar & Angelicque' Pines

I have been getting a lot of messages about where you can purchase my new line of EYEconic art cards. I am excited to announce they are now available online on my website and also at The Latest Thing (in Newport/Costa Mesa) a unique 12 Step Recovery Bookstore and Gift Shop specializing in healing and recovery merchandise, as well as a variety of inspirational gifts and spiritual tools for everyone.

If have a friend or loved one battling the chaos of change, Take the time to "send some love" and a handwritten message from the heART . Use your words to encourage someone to keep going, to not give up buttercup. Imagine, dream and believe you have the power to make a difference in someone's life. ❤️ #lifeslessons #sendsomelove #believeinyourself #fun #funky #lookforaway #tobrightentheday #justbecause #dontgiveupbuttercup #takethetime #healyourmind #onedayatatime #recovery

The Latest Thing | EYEconic Art Cards by Angelicque'

The Latest Thing | EYEconic Art Cards by Angelicque'

The Latest Thing | EYEconic Art Cards by Angelicque'


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