In The Magik Garden: “Where Magik Makes Reality.”

F I N E  A R T | Original Paintings by Angelicque'

T H E  M A G I' K  G A R D E N  IN  T U L U M
The M A G I'  by Angelicque’
(9”x12” | Acrylic on Canvas | Original o.a.k.)
APOTROPAIC de NATURE  by Angelicque’
The Magic of N🧿YA Negra by Angelicque’

(9”x12” | Acrylic on Canvas | Original o.a.k.)

NOYA means Natural “Beauty of God” protecting and expressing its creation through the Aether in the material realm of earth also called “Bhu Loka.”

This piece is pART of my new Bhu Loka signed series inspired by my time spent exploring, renewing and regenerating in nature in magical Tulum. This Angel I discovered along the shore of Tulum, hiding in plain sight in their magic garden at Diamanté K, “Where MAGIC Makes Reality” 🪄🌿✨💋

Have you noticed by now how Language and dialect is so elusive at times 🙃😆 Bhu Loka, in Hinduism is the earthly plane it sounds like Be Loca, which as we all know by now it can Be Loca in Bhu Loka 🧿.
This star larger than life ART attraction at the Ahau Tulum Sculpture Park is called “Ven a la Luz’ – or ‘Come Into The Light’ – which was created by South African artist Daniel Popper. Google him and see all his amazing sculptures and the expressions behind them. 
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