EYE 👁 Conic Agencies

F I N E  A R T | Original Paintings by Angelicque'EYE-CONIC👁 Agencies Trinity by Angelicque’ 

This special EYEconic Trinity collection is in honor of all the unidentified and identified heroes who take their life and job seriously, whether to protect and serve or help communicate between the country lines we all live in here in this amazing magical world.  

Thank you to all the ways the 5+ star agencies and their SOA teams have helped teach me the power of communication, keeping calm and trusting the process, especially during some of the most challenging real life experiences.  My HeART is forever grateful for all the ways! ~ Love Angelicque’

(Set of 3 | Originals | Acrylic on Canvas)

 The P I L O T by Angelicque’

The 6 S T A R Badge by Angelicque’

The E Y E 🌟 in the Sky by Angelicque’

For information on owning this One of a Kind Triptych by Angelicque',
Please email Thelocaartist@gmail.com. 

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