Bold & Beautiful Decor with an Eye for Modern Luxury by Ligne Roset

A few months back, I got the pleasure of connecting with an interior design consultant from the new Ligne Roset & Scavalini Design Group in OC.   She introduced me to their amazing new line of eye catching French & Italian Furniture Designs which I would love to share with you. 

For the record, Ligne Roset does not offer or sell my art, however I was Lucky to get the pleasure of being invited to come explore their new location with my new art pieces and their new furniture designs, on the same day their showroom at the SOCO center was being featured by Orange Coast magazine, as seen here.

I absolutely fell in LOVE 💖 with their simple yet evocative, bold & beautiful furniture designs and accessories.  Check out these fun accessories: like the white ceramic vase that resembles the shoots of a budding plant and the Red Rabbit from their signature decorative Pan Pan Rabbit collection, that is sure to be a conversation piece. 

I really enjoy the energy of their simple but bold furniture designs.  I love the eye catching color contrasts of my new RastafarEye Lion painting against their DITA Yellow modular 2 drawer chest, by designers Pagnon & Pelhaître.

Ligne Roset is synonymous with modern luxury and offers consumers an entire lifestyle in which they can live boldly and beautifully via their contemporary designs in furniture and decorative accessories.  

I would love to invite you to come revel in their contemporary design forward lifestyle at their new location in the SOCO Center in OC, and ask for Lene'. 

Ligne Roset
3323 Hyland Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Thank you again Lene' for sharing your new Ligne Roset & Scavolini Collection!

P.S. Don't forget to Make Today Eye-Conic!

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