Embrace your Inner Mermaid & "EspressO YoSelf" at Starbucks

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Embrace Your Inner Mermaid & "EspressO Yo Self"

I want to say Thank you to everyone who made it out for Laguna Beach Artwalk this month, and a special Thank you to Starbucks for brewing dreams with my new art collections for a fun summer "EspressO YoSelf" promo. 

When I started drawing homemade art cards to my son last year when he was incarcerated, I never imagined it would evolve into me taking a new career path in life as an artist, or that so much creativity would burst out of me this last year (maybe that's what happens when you hold your emotions in for so long haha). Creative expression for me has been about embracing and healing my inner mermaid, letting go of what I think my life is supposed to look like and learning to Sea life in a new perspective. 

My new art collections are centered around tuning into our Mind's Eye, because learning is in the eye of the mind (and beauty is in the eye of the beholder). Life is in a constant Sea of change, and change can often feel like chaos but when we quiet the mind, we can start to see order through the chaos, and we are can learn what we are truly capable of.

I try to make a stretch goal daily to do something to "Make Today EYEconic" in the direction of my dreams, and getting this collaboration with Starbucks was one of those goals. I would like to encourage you to do something everyday to #MakeTodayEyeconic in your life, in the direction of what you dream of.  There is a unique healing power in creative self expression, having the courage to overcome your fears and "EspressO Yo Self" from a place of authenticity.  There are many paths we can take in self expression, so be free and dive deep for the treasures you seek in life.   Imagine, Dream, Believe & Follow your heART! 

And If you are in Laguna this month catching waves or catching the latest art, I would like to invite you to Seas the Day and come by Starbucks (N. Main Beach, N. Coast Hwy) and enjoy a Be Loca Mocha, coffee or tea, and EspressO YoSelf! Tag a selfie all month, with any of my new collections and Make Today EYEconic, for a chance to win a $50 Stabucks Gift Card! (Use Hashtags #maketodayeyeconic @LagunaBeachStarbucks @TheLocaArtist)

Thank you to everyone who made it out for Laguna Beach Artwalk

(With my youngest Son-Shine - Cody Pines!)


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