Artfully Curated FENG Shui by Ligne Roset

FENG SHUI by Didier Gomez

The single most important objective in creating FENG shui is allowing for the flow of good energy, or inner chi, throughout your home. Chi brings good health, wealth and luck.  Adding Color to a room plays a very important role in feng shui: add them through original one of a kind art pieces, decorative objects or colors of paint. 

Designed by Didier Gomez for Ligne Roset, the FENG sofa is the perfect marriage of elegance and comfort and has become a symbol of his sleek, contemporary take on classic urban style.  Decorating with FENG shui by @Ligneroset and colorful mystical pop art by Angelicque' purposely moves your eye throughout the artfully curated neutral palate. 

Want to add some FUN SHUI to your day? Let me help you turn your space into a more interesting place! Contact me today!

PS. Be Original, Live Boldly & Beautifully & Don't forget to Make today EYEconic!



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